iConf.NET - Video Conferencing API for .NET

Quick Video Chat applications

Create Video Chat applications using .NET with just a few lines of code.

Multi User Support

Use our Central Server Service to support Multi User video chat.

Sample Code to get you started

Download our sample applications and get started with your application.

Community Support

Community Support via Google Groups

Create video conferencing applications easily, or add video/audio/text conferencing and screen sharing capabilities to the application that you are developing, with this easy to use SDK for the .NET framework .

This real-time video, audio and text conferencing .NET SDK, is the easy answer to your questions about creating a fully featured video conferencing application using Visual Studio.NET.

Using the iConf .NET SDK, you will have your first conferencing application up and running in just minutes. Whether you are looking to build a simple Server to Client application, or a more sophisticated multi party conferencing application, iConf will make the job easier for you.

The iConf .NET SDK consists of 3 .NET components (assemblies), the iConf Server .NET component, which previews video, streams video/audio/text, the iConf Client .NET component, which receives video/audio/text from the iConf Server .NET it is connected to and the iConfScreenViewer.NET component which is used for screen sharing.

Video encoding/decoding is done using our licensed H.263/H.264/MPEG 4 codecs which are built into the SDK.

Audio conferencing uses the SPEEX codec.

To facilitate communication behind NATs and firewalls, the iConf .NET SDK is bundled with the Central Server .NET Windows Service that acts as a directory service for the iConf Client/Server .NET components. The Central Server is necessary when communication needs to occur between parties that have private IP addresses internal to a local area network that are inaccessible to the outside world, or or that have ports blocked by a firewall. The iConf Server .NET component register with the Central Server, logs into the Central Server, can add, remove contacts and place calls to users in a contact list.


Each iConf Server .NET component can stream video, audio, text data to multiple clients.

Support for DirectX compatible video capture devices and webcams

Adjustable H.263 / H.264 / MPEG 4 parameters

Configurable communication ports

Support for connection monitoring (Each iConf Server .NET component can accept or refuse an incoming call)

Ability to record incoming video stream

Screen Sharing

C# sample applications included.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 2008,2012 server, Windows 2003 server

Visual Studio .NET IDE (2013, 2015)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Microsoft C++ Runtime Library

DirectX9 or higher

ISDN,DSL or LAN connection recommended for better performance. Performance & streaming speed improves with faster connections.

Sound card with microphone and speakers (sound card required for audio support).

Video capture card or camera (webcam) that provides a DirectX compatible capture driver.

Buy Now

Purchase one or more licenses of the iConf.NET SDK

The licensing of the iConf.NET SDK is very simple. We offer 3 types of licenses :

  • A Single Developer license for 1 developer ( Includes 1 year fo free updates )
  • A Team license for up to 5 developers ( Includes 2 years of free updates )
  • An Enterprise license for up to 10 developers ( You will be given access to our Visual Studio Online repository where you will be able to download and recompile our SDK)

  • Our SDK is Royalty Free! All that we ask is that you buy the appropriate number of licenses for the developers that will be writing code that uses the iConf.NET SDK.


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